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Concrete blocks are the real “building” blocks. They make or break a simple project of a DIY-er homeowner or the biggest contract of an experienced architect. That is why choosing the best among the many varieties of blocks is an important phase of any building project. Luckily, there is no need to look any further when it comes to masonry and landscaping needs.

Riverside Supply Company has all the products needed for either small do-it-yourself projects or big construction contracts. We have been offering a wide variety of concrete block options for every project in New Jersey. Whether you need the smallest and lightest or the biggest and heaviest, we got the specific material that you need.

Different Blocks for Different Needs

Besides bricks, blocks are among the primary materials used for construction. But unlike bricks, they are not made out of clay but out of cast concrete, fine gravel, and sand. Like bricks and many other masonry supplies, blocks also come in different types and sizes. Each of these is perfect for specific application. The common sizes are 8x8x16, 4x8x12, 5x8x12, and 8x8x12 inch. There sure are more block sizes and the bigger they are, the better insulation they provide.

On top of the size, it is durability that must be considered first. Blocks used for masonry are classified based on their density. Internal/external walls and flooring are best constructed using the durable, strong, and robust dense concrete block. Another form of this is the textured but dense block that can be directly painted without applying any finishing touch. But for that real direct paint finish, use the so-called paint grade concrete blocks. They have the smooth texture, providing real smooth finish after painting.

Foundation blocks are specially made for solid walls and for safer construction. Since they weight lighter, they also reduce the risk of knee injury due to constant lifting. Other lightweight blocks like the recycled ones will also provide the same safe benefit. But besides safety, the recycled blocks from industrial wastes are greener without compromising on quality.

Actually, there is a limitless possibility when it comes to the types of blocks. You can even request a special block for your special purpose. All you need to do is ask. Give us a call today and let’s discuss about your possible options.

Durable Concrete Blocks

Every contractor can never deny the importance of concrete blocks to all construction projects. They build the foundation of buildings. They provide the walls. They make up the flooring. They are also good for hardscapes.

But besides that, blocks are also recognized for their other provided advantages. With enough thickness and the right type of material used, blocks can also “block” fire. There are also types that can block sounds and provide better insulation. All these benefits will only be enjoyed if you use the right block for the right purpose and you buy durable concrete blocks.

Confused which type of block you need? Don’t worry. We will help you make the right choice. Riverside Supply Company has been providing free consultation, estimates, and references for everyone who will be working on masonry or landscaping project. Our long years in the business have already made us one of the most trusted one-stop shop for every construction needs in New Jersey. Give us a call today and let’s start polishing your plan with our concrete blocks.


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