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Brick pavers have been among the most popular landscaping designs today, as considered by professional landscaping firms. Choices are very vast as you can decide what particular design of bricks you want in your front yard, walkway, or patio. Contractors and homeowners can choose patterns according to a specific theme and area in the landscape or home.

Patterns vary from circles to diamonds and the styles stretch out from classic retro to modern and from dark-colored to light-colored designs. In case you are looking for quality bricks, Riverside Supply Company can help you choose the best design and shape of bricks for your home or landscape project. More importantly, our company offers these materials at an affordable cost.

Bricks Perfect for Homes and Hardscapes

A brick is a type of block that is molded from moist clay and hardened under extreme heat. Basically, the raw ingredients of brick aside from clay are sand and water. Some processes used to form bricks are soft mud, dry press, or extruded process. Materials may also include calcium silicate, shale, concrete, soft slate, and quarried stone.

There are two types of bricks installation. They can be used as a structural component or as veneers. Regardless of its use, bricks can definitely give a classic appearance in a home. It can easily adapt to changing trends and decors. It does not need any painting, seal or other finishes so installation is easy. Home built with bricks do have better temperature control thus lowering your energy cost. Bricks can prevent extreme temperature fluctuations caused by outside elements like extreme heat or winter. Bricks can also transform a boring area in your landscape into something creative and attractive.

Bricks may be considered more expensive than other materials like vinyl or wood but their quality and low maintenance and installation costs have been the great reasons why homeowners want them and why most contractors have been promoting their use over the years.

Bricks Supplier in New Jersey

If you need to make sure that you get durable bricks, choose Riverside Supply Company. We have a great selection of quality bricks sourced from reliable brick manufacturers in the country.

We have in stock various designs from traditional to classic and even modern designs of bricks. New Jersey homeowners and commercial builders can rely on us when it comes to this type of masonry material. We make it sure that we have the right kind of bricks suited for a traditional home and bricks for commercial buildings. We have face bricks suited for indoor installation and bricks used for outdoors that can withstand extreme weather conditions and other harsh elements. We also have brick pavers that are perfect for hardscapes and patios.

Call us now for any brick requirement in your home construction or landscape improvement. Whether you want to improve the overall appearance of your home by adding bricks on the wall or you want to make your driveway more elegant with brick pavers, Riverside Supply Company can provide the right brick for you.


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