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Flagging and Treading

Flagging and treading are popular terms in the field of landscaping. However, more often than not, people outside of the landscaping, hardscaping or stonework industry are at a loss what these terms are. What is flagging and treading?

An Overview

Flagging is the process for natural stones whereby each irregularly shaped are laid out together like a puzzle. These flagged stones are often used in patios, decks, walkways or pathways. It is likewise used in fences and roofing as well. Aside from just simply calling the process "flagging," others call it “pattern flagging.” As the name implies, it becomes an over-all pattern of irregularly shaped stones beautifully designed to suit floorings and sometimes walls.

Flagging came from the stone used in most patterned flagging - flagstones. Generally, flagstones are flat natural stones and are usually used in a variety of stonework related jobs. Treading on the other hand, as opposed to flagging is a process wherein stones are cut in a specific size. They undergo a special kind of processing using water and heat. Through this process, treads are given the textured feel and look.

Application of Flagging and Treading Process

Below are some of the areas where flagging and treading process is applicable:

  1. Walkways - Flag stones and tread stones used in walkways are popularly being used nowadays because of its durability and the ability to withstand heavy weather conditions. Garden walkways, walkways leading to the entrance of a home and commercial walkways are just some of the common areas where stone flagging and treading are applied.

  2. Patios - This is another area where flagging of stones are used. It is becoming more and more popular in the modern residential architecture. Attractive designs and variety of stone colors make a patio more appealing and relaxing both for homeowners and visitors as well.

  3. Step Stones - For those who are on a budget, step stones are the next best way of incorporating the flagging and treading process. Step stones are safer and add an aesthetic appeal to your garden.

  4. Driveway - The process of flagging and treading for stones used in driveways are a usual practice nowadays. When pebbles and sandstones are the in-thing 10 years ago, residential driveways as well as commercial ones now use flagstones to make their driveways more durable.

  5. Sidewalks - As the flagging process creates irregularly shaped patterns sawn into several designs, having one used for sidewalks is a great way of preventing slippages especially that sidewalks are often times used by pedestrians. Similarly, treading of stones may also be used to achieve the correct size and dimensions that would fit sidewalks best.

Where to Source Flag Stones and Tread Stones

Many suppliers in New Jersey offer flag stones and tread stones. However, quality workmanship and reliability are just some of the concerns when looking out for suppliers. Riverside Supply Company's accredited manufacturers offer state of the art processing and superb workmanship when it comes to flagging and treading. Get a free estimate and experience the excellent customer service we always give to our customers.


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