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Although it is a fact that masonry is one of the most durable forms of construction, it is also a fact that this durability is highly dependent on workmanship and masonry supplies. If you hire the best contractor, you are sure about the workmanship quality. Now there’s only one thing to worry about- the supplies for masonry.

No more worries about that because Riverside Supply Company offers only the best of masonry supplies for any project. We have been supplying the most durable materials for DIY homeowners to big-time contractors and architects in New Jersey. We carry different supplies- from the most common concrete blocks, rocks, tiles and bricks to the most sophisticated marbles, travertine, granites, and limestone.

Common Masonry Supplies

Below are some of the common masonry supplies that you can source from Riverside Supply Company. We list them here so you can at least have a wider understanding on how it is being used in masonry works and its best application.

Bricks are still the preferred masonry supplies of most homeowners and contractors. They are durable and offer a classic finish. The many thousand-year-olds brick-made structures that are still standing today like the Jetavanaramaya stupa, St. Martin’s Church of Germany, and Malbork Castle are true proofs of the brick’s durability. Back then, bricks are mostly ceramic. Today, more materials like concrete, calcium silicate, soft slate, shale, and clay are used to make bricks.

Bricks can create that beautiful antique finish. But sometimes, it is better covered with something smoother and decorated like tiles. Tiles are commonly used to cover walls, floors, roofs, showers or any applicable surface. The most common materials used for tiles today are porcelain, ceramic, and fired clay. At Riverside Supply Company, various designs and sizes of tiles are available. Some contractors use other masonry materials such as slate, granite, onyx, and marble for “tiling” a more sophisticated surface.

Concrete Blocks
Although rightfully considered as the bigger, rectangular bricks, concrete blocks have unique qualities that make it deserving to be separated from its more general classification. Concrete blocks are made from cast concrete, sand, and fine gravel. A cheaper alternative to this type of masonry supply are called lower density blocks and are made out of industrial wastes.

Natural Stones
Although officially considered as dimension stones, these other masonry supplies are special due to their aesthetic value. Marble is valued for its great ability to accept polishing, just like granite. The only difference is that granite is more resistant to acid rain, making it an ideal choice for kitchen countertops and monuments. Limestone is also durable and hard, but it is susceptible to acid rain, making it better used indoors. Travertine is best used especially for garden paths and patios due to its ability to resist acid rain.

Do you have some masonry supplies in mind that are not listed here? No worries because we might have just what you need. Riverside Supply Company is a one-stop shop for everything needed to complete a masonry project. Our long list of masonry supplies also include but not limited to masonry tools, cement, aggregates and sealing and cleaning supplies. Give us a call today or visit our store for a free consultation or estimates.


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