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Did you think that those stones in the fireplace at your friend's house are real stones? How about the walls in their patio? The answer is yes and no. Yes because, it may be the real thing and no because it might be 100% natural stone. Yes, it is possible and in the architectural industry, they call those stones - stone veneer.

A stone veneer mean a thin layer of stone placed on top of another material or structure. You probably are aware that stones are such flexible materials. You'd be surprised of what they are capable of becoming. Natural stones when thinly cut would result to great designs. Designs that could add an aesthetic appeal to your home or landscape or perhaps your place of business.

Types of Stone Veneer

There are basically two types of stone veneer. Those made of natural stones and the other one are manufactured stone veneer. Majority of natural stones used for stone veneer come from quarries such as limestone or fieldstone. They are thinly cut and sawn for consistency in thickness and weight.

Manufactured stone veneer on the other hand is replicated stone veneer that has the same look and feel as that of a natural stone. They are also called by many names such as artificial stones; flexible stone veneer and stacked stone veneers. Although both kinds of stone veneers can achieve the "stone" look/effect that you would want to achieve, each has its own advantages.

Advantages of a Natural Stone Veneers

  1. Durability - Being the natural thing that it is, durability is the number one factor why some people prefer the natural from the manufactured stone veneer.
  2. Re-usability - As opposed to the manufactured one, natural stone veneer maybe repaired and re-used in cases where a portion gets chipped or got removed from the place it was initially installed.
  3. Economical - Because of its durability, it does withstand the test of time, thus making it economical and cost efficient in the long run.

Advantages of Manufactured Stone Veneers

  1. Cost Efficient - Manufactured stone veneers are definitely economical as compared to natural stones both in the cost of the veneers itself and the installation.
  2. Flexibility - As they are manufactured, designs and colors are of a variety. Most manufactured stone veneers imitate the look of natural stones.
  3. Lightweight - Installation is a breeze because this type of veneer is lightweight. Though, this is a little bit thicker as compared to natural stone veneers.

Whatever your choice is, stone veneers can definitely highlight the beauty of your home or landscape. This can be installed in any masonry surface like walls, fireplaces, outdoor kitchen and other structures.

Quality Stone Veneers for New Jersey Clients

Buying stone veneers is not a problem for New Jersey residents. Riverside Supply Company offers a wide array of natural stone veneers that would suit your budget and your needs. Nothing beats a dependable and reliable supplier to achieve the look and workmanship all consumers ask for. We have tie ups with reputable manufacturers of stone veneers so every client is assured of high quality products. Just choose from the various designs offered by Landmark Stone, Constitution Stone or Quarry Cut. These companies have been producing quality stone veneers for years.

Landmark Stone Products

Nature's inspiration truly makes it home.

Constitution Thin Stone Veneers

America's Real thin stone veneer.

QuarryCut Thin Stone

See the difference working with Natural Stone can make.
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